Extremely compact design in a 1U high,standard 19-inch chassis
Transparent to all protocols
Lead alarm functions
Front panel or remote switching
Latching relays remain in position if power fails
Master switching
Control through an IP port, and RS-232 craft port
Control using CorScan® 500, Web browser,Telnet, SNMP

4-Channel Fallback Switch

       The IPS-4 is a 4-channel remote-controlled A/B Switch. This switch provides single channel and group A/B fallback switching locally through front panel switches or remotely through terminal or PC commands. The IPS-4, with DB-25F connectors installed, is designed to sit between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data communications equipment (DCE).

Design Features

       The IPS-4 product supports RS-232, V.35, EIA-530, X.21 interfaces.These interfaces may be pre-set prior to installation.

       The front of the IPS-4 unit has toggle switches and amber/green LEDsthat indicate switch position. A master switch sets all channels to A or B.Additionally, the unit has LED monitoring for key interface leads (TD,RD, and CD).

       The back of the unit has a power connector and interface connectors for the data path.

IPS-4 Functions

       User-defi ned alarm-based switchingThe IPS-4 supports lead (indicating loss of leads status) and loss of data alarms.

       SwitchingThe IPS-4 provides A/B switching of up to 23 circuits per channel for RS-232, EIA-530, V.35, and X.21. Chassis Ground and Signal Ground are carried through and not switched. One pole of the relay circuitry is used for status indication.

System Control

       The IPS-4’s built-in remote control logic allows the switch to be controlled via its Ethernet port using SNMP or TCP/IP (Telnet)protocols, by Web browser, through the company’s CorScan 500 management software, or through its ASCII craft port.

       Network management control is through CorScan500, which offers security, alarming, switching, data basing of the network,and trouble-ticketing in an easy-to-use, pull-down menu-based package.

       If the user’s application cannot use terminal control, the switch can be programmed to switch to the “B” side by switching on aloss of data or lead state Alarm. Interface leads RTS, CTS, DSR,DTR, CD are selectable for this purpose (or C, I for X21).

Compact Rackmount Package

       Housed in a standard 1.75” high (1U), 19” rackmount chassis,the IPS-4 system consists of a mother board containing control and switching circuits for 4 x DB25 A/B switches and an integral power supply.


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