Transparent multimode optical fi ber path
Fails to off
Power-cycles CODEC
Controls power to FOMs (Fiber Optic Modems)
Rackmount kit available
Front panel control with clear visual indication of switch position
Contact closure interface for control of signs
Remote control interface
Optional handheld infrared remote control

       The IPS-1 is a single channel fi ber A/B switch featuring front panel or contact closure control. Push buttons with integral LED indicators let the user select the desired position of the switch: A, B, or Off. The indicators clearly show the current switch position. Position A connects to the classifi ed network (red LED), while position B (green LED)connects to the unclassifi ed network. The Off LED (blue) will light when the switch is in the 15 second disconnect or when all power outlets are switched off.

       The IPS-1 features three switched AC outlets. When the operator changes the fi ber switch from the A postion to B or vice versa, the AC power to the rear-mounted CODEC power connector is disconnected for 15 seconds and then reconnected. In this way, any volatile information held in the CODEC is cleared. Additionally, outlets are associated with the A and B switch positions. When the switch is in the A position, the A outlet is energized, when the switch is in the B position, the B outlet is energized. When the switch is set to off, all three outlets are switched off. This provides automatic control of the FOMs assuring that the link to the unused network is unavailable.

       A rear-mounted Phoenix connector provides an external interface for control, should the user desire to control the unit from another system controller. The same connector provides status information from the all-optical miniature-optomechanical(MOM) device providing a high degree of assurance of the switch position. Status can also be used to drive an external sign.

       The optical switch part is in a hermetically sealed package and features a specially designed spherical mirror enabling low loss and excellent performance characteristics in an epoxy-free optical path.


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